EBZ Hoffmann s.r.o. is a part of the German EBZ Group.

About us

We specialize in the manufacture of body components, sub-assemblies and complete bodies including the manufacture of form tools panel pressing for the automotive industry. Our main focus is on prototype and low volume manufacturing. We are able to design and engineer form tools and pressings in such a manner that the resulting parts will meet all required quality standards and tolerances. The press shop within Hoffmann is able to manufacture press tools that can form sheet metal components up to the size of an entire side panel of a passenger car. We are also capable of precisely assembling individual sheet metal body parts into subassemblies full assemblies up to a body complete. We are also able to accurately measure everything contained within this process of assembly.

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We use state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. Our engineers and NC programmers use CAD/CAM software. We use 5 to 7 axis CNC milling stations. 5 axis lasers are used for cutting various shapes. The prototype pressing shop is equipped with presses with sufficient parameters. The assembly station is equipped with modern equipment meeting the strictest requirements of the automotive industry. We are also equipped with a highly precise tool-making grinder. 3D measuring instruments and optical scanning systems are used for accurate measuring.

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The Company Hoffmann now supports a number of OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) in the development of motor vehicle bodies, in the form of engineering and manufacturing of forming tools, pressing sheet metal parts, assembly of passenger car bodies. The Company also supports the manufacture of Show Cars and design models helping establish the style and design of future products. The Company not only offers Concept and prototype part and body production but also low volume production. Also in response to the demands for optimum weight reductions we are able to hot and cold form high strength steel sheet or sheet metal from aluminium alloys. In response to customer demands the Company also like to support vehicles of the past, therefore an attractive part of our manufacturing capabilities is the manufacturing of classic and racing car body parts and assemblies.


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Adam OPEL GmbH (D), AUDI AG (D), BENTLEY Motors Ltd (UK), BMW AG (D), DAIMLER AG (D), EDAG AG (D), FORD AG (D), Grupo Antolin (CZ, E), Linde Wiemann GmbH (D), Magna (A), ŠKODA AUTO a.s. (CZ), VOLKSWAGEN AG (D), VOLVO Car Corporation (SWE)

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