Social responsibility

Our vision is also not to overlook the social responsibility of the business to the surrounding, therefore a significant part of our company invest time and money into what we consider to be important social issues. That is why our social strategy is focused on the support of locally deprived groups, the infirmed and the handicapped – these being either children or seniors, but also the support of activities that help to create and improve the atmosphere of our region.

We support:

Social services – Uherské Hradiště
Moravian Slovakia theatre Uherské Hradiště
Fire-fighter's association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
Municipal sports and recreation company MB
Children's folklore choir Dolinečka
TJ canoeing club – Ostrožská Nová Ves
Oncological endowment fund Krtek
Diakonie ČCE - Cesta centre Uherské Hradiště
Dulcimer band Bálešáci
Football club – Ostrožská Nová Ves
Citizens association Staroměstští šohající
Regional charity Uherské Hradiště
Czech bee-keeper's union Ostrožská Nová Ves
Veronica foundation
Speed Racing Team – Popovice
Hospital Uherské Hradiště
Slovak chamber orchestra


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